Noureddine Acha was born in Tangiers, Morocco. From a very young age he began his studies with the ney and Andalusian sanaa. He studied under the best masters in the Conservatory of Music of Tangiers. He is a very well known musician, and a master in both classical Andalusian and Arab music.

His professional career has led him to take part in several festivals, within Morocco as well as many European countries, including Germany, France, Belgium and Spain, and also other North African countries such as Algeria and Tunisia, as well as Bahrain.

He has played with many renowned musicians, such as Hamid Ajbar, Marouane Hajji, Said Belcadi and Omar Metioui, to name but a few.

His versatility makes him very sought after by musicians and singers from Andalusian, Arab and Flamenco groups.


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