CusCus Flamenco is an Andalusian/Flamenco music group from the city of Granada, Spain. The group is made up of Moroccan and Spanish musicians, with extensive careers in various formations. Led by Hamid Ajbar, singer and violinist originally from Chaouen, Morocco. they share the same goal of exploring the musical traditions of Al-Andalus, namely classical Arab-Andalusian and Flamenco music. These share a common origin, as they originate from the same place, namely the Iberian Peninsula.

Classical Andalusian music developed naturally in Al-Andalus, assimilating elements of Arab music with the folklore of the Iberian Peninsula, and liturgical Gregorian chant. When the famous musician Ziryab arrived from the Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad to Cordoba during the reign of Abderrahman the II, he introduced elements of Arab music, as well as other cultural refinements that influenced the gastronomy, clothing and poetry of the time. He also founded what was most likely the first conservatory of music in the West. This marked the beginning of Andalusian music, which was further developed by Ibn Bayya, (Avempace) renowned philosopher and scientist from Saragossa, during the time of the Almoravids, and was later transmitted orally throughout Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, up to the present day.

There can be no doubt of the influence of Arab/Andalusian music on the origins of flamenco, which can be seen in the similarities of some of the rhythms, modal scales and musical phrases. This is greatly due to the cultural fusion between Muslims, Jews, Christians and gypsies that happened during the time of Islamic Spain. It is said that the word flamenco comes from term “fellah mengu,” which is a colloquial Arabic term meaning “errant peasant,” as after the “Reconquista” many Muslims mixed with the gypsy population in order to avoid expulsion.

CusCus Flamenco is made up of excellent musicians who are dedicated to transmitting their love for Andalusian and flamenco music with a carefully chosen repertoire that is both fresh and dynamic, transporting the listener to a magical place full of emotion and feeling. Our music shows the beauty and richness of our legacy, and reaches the hearts of our listeners, awakening the joy that is so natural to the Mediterranean culture.




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