In the same way that the blend of couscous spices surround us with its exotic fragrance and exquisite flavour, CusCus-Flamenco´s music fills us with enchantment and mystery, sentiment and spirit. The profundity of the flamenco singing and Arab-Andalusian lyrical poetry in their purest form, accompanied by the beauty and passion of flamenco dance makes for an unforgettable and unique experience. CusCus Flamenco is a cultural encounter where art flows in its maximum capacity, bringing out the best of each tradition through a musical language that has neither barriers nor frontiers.

Based in the beautiful city of Granada, Spain, the group is made up of Moroccan and Spanish musicians, with extensive careers in various formations. They share a desire of exploring the musical traditions of Al-Andalus, namely classical Arab-Andalusian and Flamenco music, which share a common origin, the Iberian Peninsula.  

There can be no doubt of the influence of Arab/Andalusian music on the origins of flamenco, which can be seen in the similarities of some of the rhythms, modal scales and musical phrases. This is greatly due to the cultural fusion between Muslims, Jews, Christians and gypsies that happened during the time of Islamic Spain. 

CusCus Flamenco is dedicated to sharing their love for Andalusian and flamenco music with a carefully chosen repertoire that is both fresh and dynamic. 



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