Jinnan Al Andalus

Hamid Ajbar Sufi Ensemble is a classical Andalusian music group based in the city of Granada, Spain. It is made up of professional musicians from Morocco and Spain, with an extensive career in several Andalusian, Arab and Flamenco music groups.

“Jinnan Al Andalus,” which means “Gardens of Al Andalus” in Arabic, refers to both the spiritual and physical meanings of the word “Jinnan.”

Jewels of Al Andalus

Hamid Ajbar Ensemble is an Andalusian music group based in Granada. The group is made up of musicians originally from Morocco, inheritors of the legacy and culture of Al Andalus, whose beginnings date back to the Cordoban Caliphate in the VIII century. This legacy has been preserved since  by oral tradition in North Africa, especially in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. 



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