Jinnan Al Andalus

Hamid Ajbar Sufi Ensemble is a classical Andalusian music group based in the city of Granada, Spain. It is made up of professional musicians from Morocco and Spain, with an extensive career in several Andalusian, Arab and Flamenco music groups.

“Jinnan Al Andalus,” which means “Gardens of Al Andalus” in Arabic, refers to both the spiritual and physical meanings of the word “Jinnan.” When the famous musician Ziryab arrived to Cordoba, he brought all the sophistication of the Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad with him. This cultural refinement was reflected on all levels, such as in the gastronomy, clothing, poetry and music. It was an urban society, and as such, gardens where very important as places of rest and enjoyment, an ode to the beauty of creation, and one of the best examples can still be found today in the Generalife palace of the Alhambra. “Jinnan” has also a deeply spiritual meaning, as it is a reminder of the seven gardens of Paradise, and the delights they   contain.

The repertoire of “Jinnan Al Andalus” is carefully selected from the vast fountain of muwashahat, a poetic form that was developed in Al Andalus, later expanding throughout the Arab world, and also influencing traditional Spanish lyrical poetry. Our repertoire has a very high level due to the profound meanings of the poems, and the quality of the music, and elevates the state of the one singing and playing, as well the one listening.

“God is beautiful and loves beauty.” With this saying we wish to invite you to share the spiritual journey of “Jinnan Al Andalus,” and let you be transported by the beauty of its melodies and poems.

“Drink from the cup of the those who are pure,

And you will see wonders.

In the company of the people of knowledge,

And a non intoxicating wine.

You chose us one day,

And you are equal to none.

I discovered they were a people of Love,

In the presence of the Divine.”

Qasida de Abu-l Hasan al Shushtari (Guadix 1212 - Egipto 1269)

Sin título-Escaneado-01

اشْرُبْ شَرابَ أهلِ الصَّفَ

تَـــرى العَجائِـب

مَع رِجالِ الـــــــــمَعْـــرفَة

والخَـــمْرُ طـايِب 

اخْتَرتَنا واحِـــــــد النَّهـــار

يـا قَوْمي خَطْـرَة 

وَجَــدْتـُـــــهم أهلَ الغَــرَام

وَهُـمْ فِي حَضْرَة 


Qasida from the "Diwan Al Harraq" Shaykh Muhammed Al Harraq (1772 - 1845)

أماطت عن محاسِنها الخمارا

فغادرْتِ العقولَ بها حُيارى

وبثّت في صميم القلبِ شوقاً

توقَد منه كلٌ الجسمِ نارا

وألْقَتْ فيه سراً ثم قالت  

أرَى الإفشاءَ منك اليومَ عارا

وهل يسطيعُ كتْمَ سرِّ صبُّ

إذا ذكِر الحبيبُ لديْه طار


“Layla drew away the veils of her beauties

So the intellects departed, bewildered by her

She spread yearning to the innermost heart

By it, the entire body was set on fire

She cast a secret into it, then said:

´Today I see divulgence straying from you!`

Yet can one whose love pours out, conceal the secrets?

If when the Beloved is mentioned in his presence, he soars!”



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