Hamid Ajbar was born in the city of Chefchaouen, Morocco, in a family of  musicians. 

He specializes in both classical Andalusian music and Middle Eastern music, and over his long musical career has collaborated with many great artists from Morocco, Spain and Turkey.

He leads and directs Hamid Ajbar Flamenco Fusion and Hamid Ajbar Sufi Ensemble, taking part in several events and festivals. 

Aire Andalusí Flamenco

Aire Andalusí Flamenco – an extraordinary fusion between two musical styles that share a common origin – a universal language that crosses cultural borders through art and sentiment. 

Medley "Aire Andalusí Flamenco"

Jinnan Al Andalus

Jinnan Al Andalus – Gardens of Al Andalus is based on the spiritual poetry of Sufi mystics Ibn Arabi, Rabia Al Adawiyya, Shushtari, Busayri and is a musical journey from IXth century Cordoba to Damascus.

Medley "Jinnan Al Andalus"




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