She drew away the veils of her beauties

So the intellects departed, bewildered by her

She spread yearning to the innermost heart

By it, the entire body was set on fire

She cast a secret into it, then said

«today I see divulgence straying from you»

Can one whose love pours out, conceal the


When the Beloved is mentioned in his

presence, he soars

أماطت عن محاسِنها الخمارا

فغادرْتِ العقولَ بها حُيارى

وبثّت في صميم القلبِ شوقاً

توقَد منه كلٌ الجسمِ نارا

وألْقَتْ فيه سراً ثم قالت  

أرَى الإفشاءَ منك اليومَ عارا

وهل يسطيعُ كتْمَ سرِّ صبُّ

إذا ذكِر الحبيبُ لديْه طار